General Mills Spills The Beans – Show #55

Today’s episode is ALL about spilling the beans… or giving you the scoop on some interesting little details you probably didn’t know about General Mills, Betty Crocker, Frigidaire and even a new secret about Chele!

Our own shopping mom, Melanie Rogers joins us today to update us on her experience with her new Frigidaire she received a few months ago.  Melanie also reminds us that you can still enter the Daily Double Dare to win a  NEW Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer until September 23, 2009 at

Melanie then tells us about her recent trip to Betty Crocker Kitchens and shares a little secret about Betty Crocker that most shoppers probably don’t know and talked about the delicious new products you’ll want to add to your grocery shopping list.  Sorry, the offer for free mashed potatoes is already expired, but you can still download the fabulous Betty Crocker iPhone App!

Melanie also learned other great information about General Mills, in particular, Green Giant products and something surprising you’ll specifically want to watch for in the canned food section!

You can find more information about Melanie’s trip to Betty Crocker Kitchens that she’ll be blogging about in the new future at her personal blog, and search for her Table Talk posts.

Chele Neisler is your host for Moms Love Shopping. As a mother of three boys, Chele is happy to have Moms Love Shopping as an outlet and a connection to other women. Spending every moment with all males isn’t easy! Hosting the show also allows her the chance to return to her two first loves, shopping and chatting.


One Response to “General Mills Spills The Beans – Show #55”
  1. Melanie says:

    Woo Hoo! Thanks for interviewing me!

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