Spending Too Much Could Get You Slapped

Shopping Moms ChatMy jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw this headline at

It’s OK to slap spendthrift wives

Naturally, I had to click on over to see if  Sharia law had indeed been adopted in the United States after I went to bed. reported:

Husbands are allowed to slap their wives if they spend lavishly, a Saudi judge said recently during a seminar on domestic violence, Saudi media reported Sunday.

Phew! OK, so it was a judge in Saudi Arabia.  Not that this doesn’t bother me, but it isn’t surprising coming from a country that has never valued women’s rights.   However, just one sentence later I was picking my chin up off the floor again at this:

Arab News, a Saudi English-language daily newspaper based in Riyadh, reported that Judge Hamad Al-Razine said that “if a person gives SR 1,200 [$320] to his wife and she spends 900 riyals [$240] to purchase an abaya [the black cover that women in Saudi Arabia must wear] from a brand shop and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment.”

😮 Pardon Moi?!

First of all, the women are REQUIRED to wear this hideous garment.  I imagine she’ll get slapped if the garment is less than immaculately clean, slightly worn or faded, Junior slobbers on it, or (GASP) her husband is feeling macho and thinks she’s wearing it crooked.

So, to put a value on how much a woman can spend on an item of clothing she’s required to wear and give her husband carte blanche to decide it’s frivolous is beyond whacked out to me.

I hope that someday all women of the world will be given the same rights as their male companions and at the very least be treated with respect and valued.

Until then, I’m on the search for an abaya to burn for my Saudi sisters (I was too young to participate in burning my bra).  What are your thoughts on this judge’s comments? Sound off  in the comment form below!

Here’s the full article at CNN if you aren’t outraged enough and must read more!

Chele Neisler is your host for Moms Love Shopping. As a mother of three boys, Chele is happy to have Moms Love Shopping as an outlet and a connection to other women. Spending every moment with all males isn’t easy! Hosting the show also allows her the chance to return to her two first loves, shopping and chatting.


One Response to “Spending Too Much Could Get You Slapped”
  1. Paul Hauptly says:

    Do you know what the worse joke in the world is?
    What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?
    Nothing, you already told her once!
    Now if that does not make your blood boil I don’t know what will.
    I personally feel that husbands that hit their women, beat their
    children, molested their children or rape women all equally pieces
    of shit that do not deserve the right to live.
    I can’t ever imagine a good reason to hit a woman or put a hand on one out of anger. I say hang’ em and hang’ em high.

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